Mindful Adventures!

Hi my name is Grant.  I travel around the world exploring mindfulness.  Right now I'm meditating in Myanmar for one month in a monastery.  After that I will be surfing in Sri Lanka.  Feel free to say hello!

Song of the Day: Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave

Listen young people I'm 74And I plan to live 60 or 70 more Yeah I've been all around I've done a few things And I spent a few nights on the floor, oh!

Did everything wrong but I never got caught So of course I would do it all over again I surprised many people who'd written me off Years ago now they're way underground

Nobody asked me but here's my advice To a young man or woman who's living this life In a world gone to hell where nobody's safe Do not go quietly unto your grave Do not go quietly unto your grave


Video of the Day: What if Money Was no Object?

An inspirational film about using travel to rekindle passionate living.