Mindful Adventures!

Hi my name is Grant.  I travel around the world exploring mindfulness.  Right now I'm meditating in Myanmar for one month in a monastery.  After that I will be surfing in Sri Lanka.  Feel free to say hello!

The Sole of Skiing

Leave your mark on the world... In my 29 years on this planet lots of things have changed.  Friends, family, relationships, education, jobs.  Sometimes life passed quickly.   Other times it passed slowly.  In all of the madness and craziness that is life, there has been only one constant: Skiing.  As far back as I can remember, it was the one thing I always wanted to do, what I thought about day and night.  Through all the tough times; the friends lost, the failed projects, the family members disappointed, skiing was the one thing I always came back to.  I knew that it could turn any bad day, month or even year, around in an instant.  All it took in the words of extreme skiing legend Stefano de Benedetti was "The Perfect Moment".  It's that moment that we all dream about.  Blue sky.  Deep Powder.  Big Mountains.  Friends.  High Fives.  Laughter.  It's hard to put those perfect moments into words, but when we experience them it's as if for a moment we've seen straight through to the soul of the world.  In the perfect moment we understand our destiny because we are living it.  There is no future.  There is not past.  There is just being.

And that's why I started this site.  I believe that skiing can be part of our spiritual journey.  One in which we  not only experience our own soul, but the soul of the world.  Unfortunately over my lifetime I've seen skiing move in the same direction as the rest of society; it's all about money, ego and consumerism.  We live in a ski nation where $100 day tickets are becoming the norm.  Where powder is no longer a transient, beautiful experience, but something that can be bought and sold by the marketing department of any ski resort.

Well I'm here to say enough is enough.  I'm here to provide a different voice.  The voice that says, hey the journey is good enough in itself.  You don't have to be anyone other than who you already are.  You don't need to buy any more crap to make yourself happy.  You don't need another great ski vacation or a go pro.  All you need is a pure moment.  And you can find that pure moment whether you're skiing down a 55 degree spine in Alaska or a bunny hill in New Jersey.

And the part about the SOLE?  Well, what better way to discover oneself than by climbing a mountain, not with a chairlift, but with your feet...

DPS Wailer 112RP Pure at Killington, VT!?!?