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We are a mindfulness based backcountry skiing and splitboarding company that takes clients on adventures around the world.  This winter we will be holding a one of a kind retreat in the mystical land of Bhutan.  This will be the first expedition of its kind to ever step foot into the mysterious kingdom.  We have been invited by the people of Bhutan to ski in their majestic mountains, meditate with their monks, and experience the Himalayas as the Bhutanese have for thousands of years.

No meditation or mindfulness experience is required, a curious interest is enough.  One year of Backcountry skiing experience is required.

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Our 10 day backcountry ski and splitboard retreat to Bhutan will truly be one of a kind.  It is the first time a ski expedition has been given permission by the government of Bhutan to explore their mountains in winter.

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La Grave 2017

Join us for a one week mindfulness based backcountry skiing and snowboarding trip in the legendary French Village of La Grave.  

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